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How can regul8 help  your regulatory and bureau reporting teams deliver accurate, timely reporting?


Insurer and broker connectivity moves forward

Hubio integration with Guidewire PolicyCenter™ enables

Red River Mutual broker download

October 2018: Hubio Technology, provider of technology solutions that connect insurers with the outside world, including agents, brokers, third party data suppliers and regulators, is pleased to announce that Red River Mutual has completed EDI download from the Guidewire platform to their brokers, integrating with multiple BMS solutions.

Red River Mutual is undertaking a major strategic upgrade of their core insurance systems, implementing a cloud-based Guidewire solution. The current phase of the transformation includes EDI download and eDocs.

“This represents a major step in innovation, as Red River Mutual has made the integration with brokers a day-1 priority, ensuring this solution is in place before the other core system changes are introduced,” said Phil Henville, CEO for Hubio. Other major integration activities are to follow in the coming months.

Hubio is working with Red River Mutual to ensure all new business activities flow seamlessly to their broker partners.

Henville also shared that, “Red River Mutual is one of the first broker-based insurers to complete download from a new Guidewire platform and they’ve done it using a download from the cloud. Our communic8 solution was used to integrate with PolicyCenter™, and we are very pleased that this effort went so smoothly. Congratulations Red River Mutual.”

Carla Douglas, VP Technology for Red River Mutual, commented, “Our broker partners are an integral part of the way we conduct business. The download and eDocs solution represents the first of several technology steps we are planning to improve our broker interaction.” she added, “we involved Hubio as they have worked with us for several years to help us reach our technology goals and we view them as an important partner in our technology transformation.”


About Hubio

Hubio digital solutions connect P&C insurers to the outside world, communicating with brokers, policy holders, third parties and regulators in a digital manner through technology that drives growth, reduces costs and pursues improved customer interaction. Hubio has provided solutions to Canadian insurers for over 15 years.


About Red River Mutual

Red River Mutual believes everyone has a right to feel safe and protected and to know that someone is looking out for them – while we’re watching out for others. With nearly 65,000 policyholders with homes, farms, and businesses all the way from Thunder Bay to the Rockies, Red River Mutual is committed to providing competitive insurance products that meet the changing needs of Canadians. As a company, we know that it’s the people we protect that matter most. That’s why we’ve strived to be a positive force in the lives of our customers and their communities since 1875.


For more details contact

David Gallagher  416 903 1896

How to solve your IBC, GAA and RSP filing problems

IBC reporting, and for that matter all submissions to regulatory bodies including the GAA and the Facility Risk Sharing pools, is most often seen as an administrative headache, with little business benefit. It requires an investment of your time, and the development of technology, to submit information to regulators that has no direct value in terms of growing your business or improving your profitability.

It requires resources with specialized knowledge and expertise, that thoroughly understand your business, and that of the regulatory agencies. While these folks are struggling to correct an IBC error code, you need their help in implementing new core systems, or to introduce a new product or specialty line. And, for those doing the work, it is often tedious and repetitive.

It’s a problem that costs money, takes time, and uses resources you’d prefer were redeployed.

But what if there was technology that could help automate the process, check for and correct errors before they were submitted, and help extract the data from your core system to match IBC requirements? Yep, that’s regul8. I guess you knew I was going there, but if you’ve got regulatory challenges, then we have a solution.

  1. I can’t identify and correct errors before submission

Given that the IBC imposes penalties for errors, this can get costly. Plus, there’s also the problem that high error rates trigger notifications to your senior executive, and nobody wants that. Life would be easier if you had a chance to review and edit before submission.

regul8 offers a user interface so this can be done. And, it gets better. regul8 remembers the edits, so on things like a long-tailed claim, once you correct the error once, it covers you in future submissions. regul8 remembers. This comes in handy lots of times.

  1. Corrections to legacy reporting programs, cost too much, are outside of your control, and are a distraction to your core business

When everyone is busy, and who isn’t, making corrections to your core systems source data can take months. Getting IT staff to make and test program changes can take even longer. That can result in repeat errors, time to manage the process, and increased penalty fees.

Did I say that can be frustrating? Well it is. Seeing errors repeated month to month, that you wish you could fix and be done with, is frustrating.

  1. You’re incurring penalty fees, that are just too high

It’s not enough to have errors flagged and rejected, but to be fined for these mistakes is just too much. Receiving fines month after month can be demoralizing, and it’s your Company and CEO’s reputation on the line.

Data quality is a problem. Often core insurance systems don’t store the necessary information or if they do, not in a format compatible to the regulator. Sometimes the information is just not available, but in some cases, algorithms can be applied to calculate or derive what is needed.

regul8 can integrate with your core systems, to extract, reformat, validate and help users edit the regulatory submission data. It de-mystifies reporting, improves accuracy, and reduces penalty fees. It makes responsible staff more productive…. and it can reduce penalty fees, generating a positive ROI.

  1. You are changing your core system, and you realize you need to build a new reporting solution from scratch

You’ve spent years fine-tuning your existing legacy system. But to compete in the market, your company is moving to newer core systems. And guess what, these new systems don’t natively support Canadian Regulatory reporting.  So, you have to do it all again with a new system. It’s enough to make you cry.

That’s where regul8 and the regul8 Accelerators come in.

They are built, proven, been used by many other insurers, and are available for you.

regul8 Accelerators are applicable to all Guidewire users. They are built to operate in tandem within PolicyCenter and ClaimCenter, to extract native information, exactly to IBC, GAA and FA RSP specifications. Getting quality data directly from the source systems greatly improves the regulatory process.

It’s a wrap

Meeting the needs of the IBC, GAA and RSP is complex and time-consuming. We’ve identified 4 common problems, and there are others.

To learn more about regul8, contact us. Or let Cam Loeppky of Wawanesa Insurance tell you about their experience.

Hubio Exchange Announces Management Buyout


December 2017: The Canadian division of Hubio, Hubio Exchange, a leading provider of technology solutions that connect insurers with industry services, business partners, regulatory bodies and end-consumers, is pleased to announce that the terms of a management buyout have been finalized and will close on December 31, 2017.

Pat Durepos, widely known across the Canadian Insurance sector, is to become a shareholder in the newly incorporated acquirer, 10503070 Canada Inc., operating as Hubio Technology. Pat is a long-term industry leader both as a broker and as the head of Keal Technology. He’ll play a critical role in guiding Hubio Technology in the development of enhanced broker connectivity solutions.

Pat Durepos said “The large market potential for the company’s regulatory reporting solutions that are tied to Guidewire, combined with the proven broker connectivity solutions, drew me to invest in the buyout.” He continued, “The faith I have in the talented senior management and overall team was extremely important for me. I am so pleased to have the opportunity to work with this group of expert individuals.

Phil Henville, also an investor in Hubio Technology, will become President and CEO. Phil will lead the company as it focuses on core solutions including an insurtech digital platform, connectivity solutions with insurers, brokers and third-party data sources, regulatory reporting and data management.

Hubio Technology will continue Hubio Exchange’s focus on North American markets, and is building upon the on-going development of its technology, including the cloud readiness of its core solutions. Plans are also in place to launch its regul8 product into the US, drawing upon its leading market position in Canada.


About Hubio Exchange

Hubio Exchange connects P&C insurers to the outside world, communicating with brokers, policy holders, and third parties through technology to drive growth, reduce costs and pursue improved customer interaction. Hubio Exchange has provided industry leading solutions to Canadian insurers for over 15 years.

Hubio Exchange is a Guidewire PartnerConnect™ Solution Partner, at present working on developing Accelerators to facilitate regulatory reporting.



Guidewire Software Announces Hubio as New Solution Alliance Partner

Hubio publishes its first Ready for Guidewire accelerator to help Canadian insurers fulfill regulatory requirements

TORONTO & FOSTER CITY, Calif., November 6, 2017 – Guidewire Software (NYSE: GWRE), a provider of software products to Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers, today announced that Hubio, a provider of technology solutions for P&C insurers, has joined the Guidewire PartnerConnect™ program as a Solution member.

A newly available Hubio regul8 for PolicyCenter Ready for Guidewire accelerator makes it easier for an insurance company using Guidewire PolicyCenter® to avoid the costs, time and challenges involved with building a custom solution to meet the data filing requirements of Canadian regulators. The regul8 accelerator helps to ensure accurate and complete data is provided for all regulatory reporting. Data from policy transactions is extracted from Guidewire PolicyCenter® and when combined with Hubio’s regul8 is automatically formatted to meet regulatory requirements.

“Regulatory reporting is important in any new core system replacement, and is often a complex, time-consuming process,” said Phil Henville, CEO with Hubio Exchange. “The addition of the regul8 for PolicyCenter accelerator to the Guidewire Marketplace will benefit our mutual customers, making a pre-built solution available to ensure regulatory requirements are addressed cost-effectively, reliably and accurately.”

Hubio’s regul8 for PolicyCenter Ready for Guidewire accelerator supports insurers by:

  • Automating the extraction of full policy lifecycle data from PolicyCenter and formatting it to meet regulatory requirements;
  • Ensuring data is accurate and complete and improving submission quality; and
  • Allowing business users to oversee regulatory submissions.

This first integration accelerator from Hubio has successfully completed the Ready for Guidewire validation process and is eligible to use the Ready for Guidewire mark. This mark designates that the accelerator has been through a rigorous review process that supports readiness for integration with Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ products.

“Hubio’s regul8 for PolicyCenter accelerator gives insurers access to a software solution that helps them meet their regulatory reporting needs,” said Neil Betteridge, vice president, Strategy, Guidewire Software. “We are pleased to welcome Hubio as a PartnerConnect Solution partner and to provide Ready for Guidewire designation for the regul8 for PolicyCenter accelerator.”

About Hubio Exchange

Hubio digital solutions connect P&C insurers to the outside world, communicating with brokers, policy holders, and third parties through technology to drive growth, reduce costs and pursue improved customer interaction. Hubio has provided industry leading solutions to Canadian insurers for over 15 years. For more information, please visit:

About Guidewire PartnerConnect and Ready for Guidewire

Guidewire PartnerConnect™ is a global network of select companies that provide consulting services and solutions to enhance, extend, and complement the capabilities of Guidewire products. Our worldwide community helps contribute to the success of our mutual customers in the P&C insurance industry by delivering Guidewire software implementations, value-add solution and technology offerings, and guidance on insurance industry best practices.

Ready for Guidewire accelerators developed by PartnerConnect Solution members have been rigorously reviewed by Guidewire, adhere to Guidewire software design principles, and meet established criteria. The accelerators are published on Guidewire Marketplace and are available for download by Guidewire customers at no charge.

Guidewire PartnerConnect is an invitation-only program. For more information about Guidewire PartnerConnect please visit

About Guidewire Software

Guidewire delivers the software that Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers need to adapt and succeed in a time of rapid industry change. We combine three elements – core operations, data and analytics, and digital engagement – into a technology platform that enhances insurers’ ability to engage and empower their customers and employees. More than 300 P&C insurers around the world have selected Guidewire. For more information, please visit Follow us on twitter: @Guidewire_PandC.

Why insurers are investing in digital broker experiences

Earlier this year, we asked our customers and prospective customers why they were making investments in their New Business Platform. We covered one of the reasons, improved response times, in the first part of this blog series.

One of the top three reasons we keep hearing was the need to support broker partners with the right tools that empower them to better serve policy holders. In this second blog, we explore why this is important and what the right tools are.

Why is broker technology a top priority for insurers?

The answer lies in the complexity of insurance products. Many policies, especially commercial and specialty products, are complex financial instruments. Consumers want to understand what they are purchasing and make sure they have the right coverages. This is especially important where the costs represent a significant investment for the policy holder. Consumers want advice from a trusted source and brokers are the face to many consumers.

From an insurer’s perspective, they want to validate their customers, ensure accuracy and adequate coverage. Brokers typically perform this initial assessment, and can screen poor risks from the selection process.

In a recent Willis Towers Watson survey, 94% of insurers said that distribution would be the area where technology would make the biggest difference over the next 5 years. Investment in brokers clearly helps to future-proof their business.

Brokers represent the insurer. Providing them with a technology platform ensures they can:

  • Educate and inform customers;
  • Explain all options available;
  • Ensure all policy holder risks are addressed; and
  • Match the insurer risk profile with the customer.

This ultimately builds a positive brand image for the insurer. 

To stay competitive, brokers need the right technology with access to a broad array of products online and quick, easy to use functionalities. When asked on panel if brokers, with the right tools, could re-obtain consumers who had chosen other distribution channels, Karim Hirji, Senior VP, International & Ventures, Intact Insurance said:

“There is a huge mushy middle group of consumers (outside those committed to broker distribution or those who prefer self-servicing) that don’t care how they buy their insurance. They just want to be able to connect quickly, find a fair price and a good product.”

Combine these benefits, and the important role played by brokers for so many insurers, it is no wonder investment to support broker partners is a top priority.

What are the key technology investments?

With such a range of available insurance software, it’s difficult to pinpoint what the “right” investment is for the insurer. We share our analysis from customer feedback and our ~20 years of experience delivering technology solutions. 

Online Services

Brokers today need to be mobile to serve customers wherever they are, including small and large business owners, farmers or personal lines risks. Providing brokers with access to online tools, that can be presented on mobile devices at the point of sale is critically important. They need quick and accurate policy, price, rating, and product information to establish their reputation as trustworthy partners.

Data Collection, Analysis and Distribution

Michael Lyman of Accenture recently wrote about 8 emerging technology trends impacting brokers. One of the top trends is the establishment of Intelligent Enterprises: Greater data flows from a rising number of sources, coupled with increasingly powerful analytics systems, are enhancing the speed and quality of decision-making within organizations.

Insurers that fit this designation should invest in technology that makes this information available to brokers in their customer servicing and new business roles. Such investment will serve both carriers and brokers, but only if carriers share the information.

The result: Improved productivity and lower costs. 

Connect Broker, Underwriter and Consumer

A 2014 study by Morgan Stanley and Boston Consulting Group found consumers interacted less with their insurance provider than any other industry. This lack of interaction limits insight into consumer behaviour, consumer needs, and inhibits the creation of customized solutions. The insertion of a broker channel can exacerbate this problem, but with technology, it can instead act to improve interaction.

Technology platforms connecting the insurer and broker to serve the needs of policy holders can enhance customer loyalty.

Insurers have many segments of customers, some of which are better suited to be led by knowledge worker interaction. Karim Hirji commented that millennial customer expectations provide a space for brokers to thrive: “Advice, customized products, customized relationships and experience – these are all things brokers do well.” And things millennials want.

Cross-Channel Consistency

Platforms connecting business partners, services and customers across multiple digital ecosystems, are integral to protect existing businesses and enable the launch of new value-added services to customers. Research from Accenture has shown 83% of insurance executives expect platform businesses to be part of their growth strategy over the next three years.

Consumer satisfaction can be eroded if brokers, underwriters, claims adjusters and others do not access the same information. The goal should be to provide brokers with the same level of detail about customer practices as underwriters – at the same time.

All brokers’ duties – sales, marketing, working with underwriters, processing client requests, and reviewing products – boil down to relationship management: that means collaboration and communication.

Tools that help brokers communicate and collaborate are thus invaluable.


In an era where hacking incidents are increasingly sophisticated, insurers’ access to brokers and consumers needs to be secure. Insurers highlight this as a priority but more needs to be done. The recent data breach at Equifax showcases just how serious we need to take cybersecurity.

Security adds time and costs to every project, but just like insurance, it is critical when major troubles arise.

Hubio’s New Business Platform adapts to an insurers internal security, to follow protocols already established: it’s ready, tested and checked.

Portals and Upload Tools

Brokers are not a homogeneous group. Many wish to start and end transactions in their broker or agency management system and upload them to the insurer. Others wish to go online and submit new information via an insurer portal, updating their systems by a download if a policy is bound.

As a result, insurers need to accommodate multiple points of entry. This is a cost beyond that faced by direct writers, and should be undertaken when the benefits of broker participation exceed these costs.

As consumers wish to do more and more research and purchasing online, the portal is essential for both the broker and the consumer. Broker portals can be developed for an audience that understands the diction and phrasing of insurance whereas consumer-facing portals need to conduct much of the analysis behind the scenes, and use “user-friendly” language.

Portals such as demonstrate such user-friendly interfaces.

Uploading information from core broker systems can be another value-added technology investment. Enhancements to add product lines, improve error detection, or to present a UI to allow edits for missing or incorrect information are also value-add for many insurers. Each enhancement improves the process. In particular, speeding-up decision making so that customers can receive answers much quicker.

Hubio is working with several insurers on their upload technology. These insurers are seeking faster performance, more comprehensive application of underwriting rules, and increasing the rates of straight-through processing.

Insurers must decide where to allocate their technology investments. For many, investing in broker technologies offers the highest return on investment. If that is the case for your company, the question is then, what technology, and when?

If you’re interested in addressing your need for broker technologies, please contact David Gallagher, SVP Marketing.



  1. Willis Towers Watson Survey – Insurers under pressure to go digital
  2. Michael Lyman – Eight big technology trends
  3. Morgan Stanley and BCG research

Connected Insurance: The time is now

Insurance is more relevant than ever. Recent wildfires, floods and tornadoes…

Why the next generation New Business Platform matters

By David Gallagher, SVP Marketing 

We are excited to launch the next generation of our insurance portal offering, collabor8 cloud.

As I was preparing to write this blog, I asked myself – Why do our readers care? Why is this of any interest, let alone have importance to you? Can a new business platform help you in any way?

With that in mind, I reviewed my notes from conversations with our customers who are migrating to collabor8 cloud, to see why they opted to upgrade and why it was important to their organizations.

They identified three core reasons:

  • Improve response times – brokers, like everyone in this world, want the fastest web response possible. Waiting even for micro-seconds takes away from the ease of use and our customers wanted us to push this faster and faster.
  • Support their broker partners with the best technology – enabling brokers to access a broad array of products online and making it easy-to-use, empowers brokers to better serve policy holders.
  • Enable nimble response to market changes – insurers need to deploy new products quickly, introducing new lines of business and more customised offerings to stay competitive. Existing products must also be easily modified without months of coding and testing.

That’s a lot to cover, so for today, let’s start with the first reason.

Why improve response time?

Personalization has a cost

Older portals, including those from Hubio, enabled customers to add features, functions, products, services, underwriting rules, what-if-analysis, auditing, record keeping – all actions that enhanced their capability to create unique experiences with their brokers and customers. But this has one significant drawback – additions were easy, lots of additions were made, and these additions drew lots of processing power –  and over time the response times started to lag.

We knew our next version had to address this problem. The existing breath of functionality and flexibility had to stay, but response times had to improve and be developed so they could stay fast over time. To do this, we could not make incremental changes, we had to transform our technology to be the most modern, advanced platform.

So, we moved to new technology that represents the leading edge in web development tools, and is faster than anything we’ve seen before on the market. Using the MEAN stack, which is a combination of leading edge JavaScript-based technologies used on web applications, we ensured extremely fast load times for high loads.

With new insurtech disruptors emerging on the scene, our customers do not want technology to hold them back, but to enable them to be responsive and help their competitive position. That’s why we’re continuously updating our technology, to help our customers stay ahead.

How speed impacts abandonment rate

Imagine the last time you tried to visit a website and left when it took too long to load. Sounds familiar? You’re not alone, DoubleClick’s study found that 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load. To match user expectations (1 in 2 expect a load time of 1-2 seconds), insurers need to ensure their platform is fast and user friendly. Today’s consumer won’t wait for you.

Every second counts as Google takes into account loading speed as a ranking factor in displaying search results. Google rates it as important, but most importantly, so do your users. Having a slow and unresponsive platform is not just inefficient, it’s costing your business. Kissmetrics survey found that a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

To compete with direct writers and new insurance disruptors, our insurance customers need the best user experience. Brokers need to interact with underwriters smoothly and efficiently, and face no technological impediments. Even with data-heavy new business quotes, complex rating, and large commercial businesses, brokers need fast processing times, or they will move their business elsewhere.

Insurance Software as a Service

collabor8 cloud uses Amazon Web Services, always ensuring secure access so your business can run anywhere 24/7 without interference.

We’ve also used the cloud service to improve performance. We use multiple database servers to ensure requests are not bottlenecked at the database read/write level. Plus our use of Asynchronous and event driven processing; Native bindings; and Node.js distribution of a small heap per connection, ensures top performance.

Our new collabor8 cloud is faster and significantly more responsive, enabling our customers to be future ready. Are you ready?

If you are interested to learn more and see how our platform can transform your business, please contact David Gallagher:



  1. DoubleClick – The Need for Mobile Speed
  2. Search Engine Land – Google Now Counts Site Speed As A Ranking Factor
  3. Kissmetrics – How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line

The 2017 IASA conference in review

By David Gallagher, SVP Marketing

I’m back at the 10th annual IASA conference and it’s been a good few days speaking to and learning the latest in P&C insurance technology.  

Being here, it’s clear that top priorities for insurers are focused on growth and profitability initiatives. Regulatory compliance may not be on the top of insurers’ agenda but is a critical element of insurer profitability.  The process of submission has traditionally been labour-intensive, slow and expensive. From my conversations with insurers at IASA, it’s a big problem they’d like help with.

The problem is, development of an accurate, timely solution is time-consuming, complex and uses many of the people you’d wish to deploy elsewhere. For many insurer’s implementing new core systems, they wish to use their resources on those projects, not regulatory reporting. 

An easy approach to stay compliant and cut risk

At Hubio, our market-leading regulatory reporting solution offers carriers complete control over the reporting process, enhancing accuracy, saving management time and reducing operating costs. 

We are partners with Guidewire to help carriers simplify the statistical/bureau/regulatory reporting process. The automation of the submission process, the reduction in errors, and the enabling of users to configure the system, combine to reduce costs and avoid deficiency fees.

Insurers trust in Hubio to automate their regulatory reporting process. Our solution is operational and proven with numerous insurers – trust a partner who has done it countless times. 

My key takeaways from IASA 2017

1. Insurtech is not slowing down

2. True partnerships with vendors can solve many of the problems faced by insurers

3. 520 days in space sure helped Captain Scott Kelly deliver a fantastic keynote address

Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company Goes Live with eDocs, Obtaining CSIO Certification for Personal and Commercial Lines of Business

Hubio, a provider of technology solutions for P&C insurers, is pleased to announce that Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company has obtained CSIO Certification for both Personal and Commercial Lines eDocs. They are now able to download Personal and Commercial Lines electronic documents to multiple broker management systems including Applied TAM/EPIC, Keal, CIMData, CSSI The Broker Workstation and PowerBroker.

Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company provides commercial, farm, personal property and liability insurance, as well as excess auto insurance. Exclusively broker-based, they have invested in a download solution in order to assist brokers in managing their customers’ needs. Now that CSIO has provided certification for Personal and Commercial Lines, Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company is now able to offer brokers eDoc capabilities across all their lines of business.

Laura Wiebe, President of Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company stated, “Over the past several years we have been making major investments to upgrade our technology, and promote broker ease-of-doing-business. We completed the upgrade to our enterprise system and now are able to deliver solutions to help our broker partners compete. eDocs download represents one element of our investment, and we are planning further efforts to ensure we remain competitive.”

Matina Kipouros, Vice President Underwriting & Marketing at Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company added, “Our team was able to take eDocs live quickly, and we are pleased with the effort from Hubio. They are a leader in broker connectivity technology, and we are very happy with the solution.”

The eDocs download meets CSIO standards and is CSIO certified. Catherine Smola, President & CEO at CSIO commented, “I am very pleased that Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company has successfully implemented an eDocs solution that follows CSIO standards, and provides eDocs for both Personal and Commercial lines of business.”

Hubio technology is in use in many eDocs projects across Canada. Hubio technology connects brokers with insurers to improve competitiveness, enhance policyholder satisfaction, and gain overall efficiencies.

About Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company

Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company is a federally licensed insurer operating successfully in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Head Office is located in Saskatoon, with service offices in Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg. As a mutual property and casualty company, Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance is owned by its policyholders and its profits are reinvested to help keep premium rates low. The Company has remained successful over the years and has never lost sight of its primary objective set out in 1908 – to provide the best service it possibly could to its policyholders.

About Hubio

Hubio digital solutions connect P&C insurers to the outside world, communicating with brokers, policy holders, and third parties through technology to drive growth, reduce costs and pursue improved customer interaction. Hubio has provided solutions to Canadian insurers for over 15 years.

About Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO)

CSIO is Canada’s industry technology association of property and casualty insurers, software providers and over 36,000 brokers. CSIO is committed to improving the consumer’s ease of doing business within the broker channel by overseeing the development, implementation and maintenance of technology standards and solutions such as eDocs, Telematics, eDelivery and eSignatures. In addition, CSIO operates CSIOnet, a secure, industry-owned platform for the efficient exchange of policy information for the broker channel. CSIO maintains offices in Toronto and Montreal. For more information, visit

For more information about Hubio, contact David Gallagher:

For more information about CSIO Certification, contact Sarina Visram: