Connecting insurers with the wider world

Our communications hub (communic8) enables insurers to integrate with third-parties, including data providers who help underwrite new business, effectively price new policies, assess risk, provide geospatial data, and with independent brokers and agents in securing new business and serving policyholders needs.

communic8 handles data from multiple broker management systems, allowing single entry of high-quality information in real-time and batch entry. With two-way integration, data can be captured and processed, mapped to the carrier’s core systems or portal, or processed within our hub. The carrier and broker can efficiently collaborate – to quote, sell and service their end-customers in near real-time.

communic8 is a fast comprehensive solution that makes it easy to do business with the carrier, and allows brokers to compete effectively. It can be used for upload and download services, quoting new business, binding this business, and making changes to existing policies.

News from Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance (SMI)

Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance (SMI) has undertaken two recent technology projects with Hubio, with the most recent being eDocs download for Personal and Commercial lines of business. The solution provides broker partners with copies of insurance documents for storage within their broker management systems.

Over the past several years we have been making major investments to upgrade our technology, and promote broker ease-of-doing-business. We completed the upgrade to our enterprise system and now are able to deliver solutions to help our broker partners compete. eDocs download represents one element of our investment, and we are planning further efforts to ensure SMI remains competitive.

Laura WiebePresident of SMI

Our team was able to take eDocs live quickly, and we are pleased with the effort from Hubio. They are a leader in broker connectivity technology, and we are very happy with the solution.

Matina KipourosVice President Underwriting & Marketing at SMI

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