Regulatory Reporting Accelerator

Hubio is proud to be a Guidewire partner in North America, and is working to develop a Regulatory Reporting Accelerator to meet regulatory reporting requirements for Guidewire PolicyCenter and ClaimCenter insurers.

Policy and Claim transactions need to be provided to regulators in a variety of specific formats, covering distinct risks. While these vary greatly by jurisdiction the core requirement to extract and present data pertaining to claims, billing and policies is common across markets.

The Regulatory Reporting Accelerator is an extraction solution that identifies and obtains the necessary information from ClaimCenter and PolicyCenter.  It works in conjunction with regul8, Hubio’s proven submission solution to ensure data is submitted in the structure required; in the necessary time frames; accurately, auditable, sorted, grouped and summarized.

Insurers trust in Hubio to automate their regulatory reporting process. regul8 is operational and proven with numerous insurers, ensuring your reporting requirements are met.

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