Hubio showcases UBI developments at TU-Automotive Connected Car Insurance Europe

When we launched Hubio in January this year, we did so with four major solutions.

One of these is a UBI solution that equips auto insurance providers with a fully integrated telematics solution, capable of data capture, driver scoring, policy development, claims and billing. Our smartphone apps not only provide interactive content for the user, but also create a digital channel for insurers to engage with customers, such as in our UBI Quote and Buy application.

Our solutions will be exhibited at the TU-Automotive Connected Car Insurance Europe 2016 event on 12-13 April, alongside other game changers in the connected car insurance sector.

Watch stone Group plc CEO, Indro Mukerjee, will be explaining how UBI technology can work better for the insurance industry, and how telematics will play a wider role in an ecosystem of Internet of Things-enabled devices.

TU-Automotive’s global events are leading the market as they delve into the real technological challenges that face insurers, not least the ever-growing volume of driving data available. There is an increasing need to derive valuable and appropriate insight, so that insurers can continue to develop highly segmented auto insurance solutions that improve the experience of their customers.

Hubio supports insurers in assessing driver data and charging insurance premiums accordingly, but the opportunity for value add is much greater than the premium story.

The key to commercial success lies in unlocking the value provided by the data captured and Hubio’s UBI solution enables this driver data to deliver real-time consumer value.

Hubio is working to serve the auto insurance industry with a strong data engine that is the heart of a usage-based insurance system that enables improved consumer engagement.

Our data analytics expertise drives our solutions for insurers and automotive organizations, from telematics and connected car, to insurance claims management software and UBI. Our UBI capabilities will be demonstrated at the show.

Infographic on usage-based insurance technology for auto insurers | Hubio

Infographic: Connected auto for a connected world

There will be over 20 billion connected devices by 2020. Discover how Hubio enhances consumer engagement through vehicle connectivity.