Telematics in the fast lane at TU-Automotive Connected Car Event

With over 400 attendees from more than 25 countries around the globe, TU-Automotive’s recent event was the largest connected car insurance forum ever held in Europe.

Our stand attracted attendees to view a live demo of our driver engagement app Mobi. Mobi is our virtual environment that helps drivers understand their driving behaviour based on information captured during their driving activity. Translated into a driver score, this information can be beneficial for all motorists, particularly young drivers who seek lower premiums based on their actual driving behaviour.

Watchstone Group plc CEO Indro Mukerjee, delivered a keynote speech about telematics’ move from disruptor to enabler.

Telematics and usage-based insurance (UBI) are increasingly factors that all insurers, brokers and end users will be embracing for years to come.

Drivers are consumers

Indro’s words “drivers are consumers” echoed through the social media coverage. It is Hubio’s belief that it’s the job of the technology community to help insurance companies appeal to these consumers. The key to doing this is to show how UBI adds consumer value across policy, claims and incident management.

Hubio enables insurers to link these elements through our Enterprise Insurance Suite, which creates the perfect insurance management system through data analytics and the enablement of distribution channels.

By constructing a functioning ecosystem like this, motorists will be driven towards becoming consumers by breaking the historical driver-insurer relationship of buy, claim, renew, with no stages in between.

Introducing additional touch points through real-time engagement, such as safety messages and roadside assistance, means that insurance customers will see that the relationship has real value, increasing their satisfaction with and loyalty to their insurer.

As Indro noted: “once you’ve closed the loop and connected the consumer to the ecosystem, there are many things you can do with and for them”.

The right toolkit for the job

In many cases technology has been deployed that has not been used to its full potential. The key to enablement is to provide effective, flexible, technology toolkits that enrich the customer experience, and as the industry is likely to look for the most cost-effective solution, mobile apps are likely to play at least some role.



Hubio already operates a range of apps that promote driver safety and vehicle health, but we used TU-Automotive’s event to showcase Mobi’s UBI Quote and Buy, which allows drivers to arrange their policy on their smartphone via a single application.