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regul8 technology is built to help insurers submit high quality, WCPOLS and WCSTAT reporting, and submit Financial Call data. Available as a cloud solution or through a service bureau, regul8 helps insurers save money, use internal resources wisely, and improve accuracy, timeliness and performance.

Hubio understands the complexities inherent in statistical reporting, and ensuring submissions are done accurately and on a timely basis.

regul8 customers trust Hubio with their reporting challenges, saving time and money,  and generating a positive ROI. They’ve streamlined processes, moved from last-minute submission fixes to proactive data management, forward planning, and face significantly less risk.

Guidewire invited Hubio to the PartnerConnect Solution program in recognition of their deep expertise in regulatory reporting and their long track record with many joint clients.

The Hubio accelerator….saves time, reduces administrative burdens and costs, and most importantly alleviates risk.

Neil BetteridgeVP Strategy, Guidewire

Hubio is a Guidewire Solutions Select Partner. As a partner, Hubio has solutions that complement the core Guidewire Insurance Suite.   Specifically, Hubio provides Accelerators, that work natively with PolicyCenter and ClaimCenter, to capture and extract the data necessary for regulatory reporting.

Accelerators are developed by Hubio, but tested and approved by Guidewire, who also ensure adherence to high-quality Guidewire standards.

In this way Guidewire users can rest easy, knowing their reporting needs are covered from start to finish. To paraphrase a famous quote — “Quality In, Quality Out”

We’re planning a Workers Compensation Accelerator, so that high quality data is secured from Guidewire’s ClaimCenter and PolicyCenter. The high-quality data, taken from source files, is then integrated with regul8, where business users can file accurately, and on-time.

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