Andrew Betteley on stage talking about fleet tracking

Launching our telematics tracking platform for fleet

Hubio Fleet has been developed working with existing Road Angel Fleet customers to produce a simple, low-cost vehicle tracking solution built on our proven telematics platform. The Hubio Fleet Manager platform is designed to improve driving behaviour, lower the cost of fleet operation, increase productivity and minimise vehicle wear and tear.

Safety is at the forefront of our values and we believe that educating drivers on how to improve their driving style should be simple, non-intrusive and effective. Our driving analytics have been tested and perfected from our experience in insurance to deliver real change so that we can truly improve driver behaviour, one driver at a time.

Hubio Fleet’s reliable vehicle tracking system offers simplicity from day one – an easy plug-and-play OBD device and a simple-to-use interface. Our excellent service and support team are on hand so that fleet managers can immediately unlock the value of live tracking at the best price on the market.

Addressing the needs of the commercial vehicle market

Our Chief Technology Officer for Connected Car, Andrew Betteley spoke directly to fleet managers and owner-operators prior to developing Hubio Fleet. He discovered they were looking for; an easy way to order the unit, a prompt supply, excellent service and a simple-to-use interface. He commented: “With Hubio Fleet, we have addressed all of these issues and have a fleet tracking system that allows fleet managers and owner-operators to truly find ways of operating more efficiently.”

Fleet dashboard overview on iPad

Hubio Fleet is aimed at both small business owners who run a number of cars or vans as well as larger firms with hundreds of vehicles on their books. Two tracking devices are on offer from Hubio Fleet – an OBD plugin that is plugged directly into a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics port (OBD port) by the user and a black box that is professionally fitted and located out of sight.

A fleet manager or owner-operator can see at a glance how ‘safely’ their fleet is performing by looking at a traffic-light-coloured Fleet Safety indicator. As a result of monitoring speed, harsh braking, cornering, and acceleration, a company can benefit from fewer accidents, lower maintenance costs and fuel savings of up to 15%.

As Chief Marketing Officer, Louise Robertson explains: “Ultimately, fleet managers are looking for real-time tracking to improve efficiency and lower their operating costs. Our simple online dashboard, which can be accessed from any web-enabled device, moves the industry closer to changing the perception of fleet management software to a service that is easy to use and fast to implement.”

Watch the video below to get a full overview of how Hubio Fleet works: