• Fleet management solutions

    Hubio Fleet provides a simple and reliable real-time vehicle tracking solution that is designed to reduce costs, improve safety and increase productivity.

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  • UBI solutions

    Discover a turnkey route to implement true UBI capability, with our comprehensive solution portfolio.

    Simplify usage-based insurance
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  • Automotive telematics solutions

    Deliver meaningful consumer engagement and interaction – with telematics-based services connecting you to vehicles and drivers.

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  • Enterprise Insurance Suite

    Hubio’s proven solutions for general insurance can quickly leverage your business success by offering a modular solution for managing policies, claims, rating, billing, reporting and collaboration.

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  • Hubio ranked 2nd in new UBI supplier rankings

    We are excited to have been named as a leading global telematics service provider, ranking second in North America in the dongle category and third in Worldwide OBD dongle UBI Supplier.

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Insurance technology and innovation | Hubio

Hubio for the insurance sector

Hubio gives insurance organizations the influence, insight and control they need at every stage of the policy lifecycle or claim – improving customer loyalty, driving down costs and building long-term profitability.
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Automotive telematics to build trust | Hubio

Hubio for the automotive sector

Our game-changing technologies give automotive service providers the ability to grow long-term customer value by enabling relevant, real-time engagement with vehicle owners.
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See how Hubio’s award-winning telematics and usage-based insurance (UBI) solutions are shaping the future of the general insurance and automotive service sectors.

Solutions to energize your business

Usage-based insurance technology solutions: End-to-end UBI | Hubio

UBI Solutions

Discover a fast turnkey route to implement true UBI capability.
Simplify usage-based insurance >

Automotive Solutions | Hubio

Automotive Solutions

Drive consumer engagement and interaction with vehicle telematics services.
Connect with cars and drivers >

Insurance management software ready for UBI & telematics: Enterprise Insurance Suite | Hubio

Enterprise Insurance Suite

Streamline your processes with enterprise-grade modular software solution.
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Hubio fleet

Fleet Management Solutions

Improve driver behaviour and lower the cost of fleet operation with real-time vehicle tracking.
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